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  1. Alcoholic beverages or glass of any kind are not permitted on school or park grounds.
  3. Barbecuing, or any open fires of any kind are not permitted on school grounds.
  4. Smoking, of any kind, is not permitted on school grounds.
  5. Any alcoholic beverages, barbecues, open fires or smoking found on school or park grounds will result in an automatic termination from the league.
  6. Sunflower seeds are not permitted on any turf fields.


  1. The following awards will be presented:
    1. Individual awards to the League Champions & Division Champions.
    2. League MVP, Outstanding Manager, Outstanding Achievement and Team of the Year.
  2. Division Champion is determined upon winning divisional championship in playoffs. Winner receives team apparel and a Team Trophy or Plaque.
  3. League Champion is determined upon winning the Diamond Cup Champions Tournament. Winner receives custom embroidered team apparel for all members on active roster for that season. (Applicable to Summer Season only).
  4. Each team will be responsible for selecting one MVP from their team and submitting the League MVP ballot by the date designated by the League Office. The league will select one winner from the league.
  5. The League will select the League MVP, Outstanding Manager, Outstanding Achievement and Team of the Year.



  1. Both teams are responsible for providing bases (including home plate when necessary).
  2. Base distance will be 70′ feet whenever possible, minimum acceptable distance will be 60’ feet apart (Nassau County-owned parks ONLY). Pitchers mound to Home Plate: 50′ feet.
  3. The ‘black’ beveled edge around home plate is not part of home plate as it relates to balls and strikes.
  4. A Double-Firstbase is highly recommended for league play.  When a Double-Firstbase is used, the following rule will apply:  
  1. Any batted ball hitting the white (or inner) portion should be fair and any ball hitting the orange (or outer) portion should be foul. On the initial play to first base from the infield or outfield the batter-runner MUST touch the orange (or outer) portion of the base. If you see the batter-runner has not touched the orange (or outer) portion of the base, you must appeal to the umpire before the next pitch is thrown. The umpire will no longer automatically rule a batter-runner out.
  2. The defensive player MUST always touch the white (or inner) portion. This rule is in effect only on the initial play at first base which does not include:

– Returning to the base after over running.  

– Running on a base hit to the outfield {runner may touch the orange (outer) or white (inner) part}.

– Re-tag to advance on a fly ball.

– On any attempt to force the batter runner out at first base on the initial throw that pulls the defense off of first base into foul ground, the defense and the batter may use either the white or colored portion of the base.

  1. Effect: If a base runner uses the orange portion at any time after the first attempt at first base and is not in contact with the white portion, then he is considered off the base.



All Bats must have the following USSSA Stamp, found just above the handle and at the bottom of the barrel:

All Bats will be inspected by the Umpire(s) prior to play.  If a bat has any dents, cracks, writing/paint marks, loose or broken end caps then the bat will be banned from all future USSSA Play.  This will be by the sole discretion of the Umpire and/or League Official. However, prior and during all games, the Manager/Team Rep is responsible to make sure that all bats are legal.

  1. USSSA Approved bat list will designate any bat legal for play in USSSA sanctioned events including ABA Leagues that permit composite bats.  Teams should refer to the USSSA licensed Bats list to determine which bats are legal for composite league play, that list can be found at on the USSSA Website:
  2. The definition of altered bats, and procedures regarding the crack down on altered bats, can be found at  All players are recommended to read this information, to avoid any confusion.  Use of an Altered Bat will result in immediate suspension.
  3. For all bat specifications in USSSA, please refer to USSSA Rule Book Rule 2. Sec. 2.
  4. Umpires will be required to check all bats prior to each game.  If a batter hits a ball with an illegal or altered bat, refer to Rule 7. Sec. 2B and its effect. Prior to all games the Manager/Team Rep is responsible to make sure that all bats are legal.
  5. Umpires have the ability to take possession of a bat at any time if a bat may be in question due to an injury, etc. If the player does not surrender the bat (for testing if the tester is NOT present), they will be suspended indefinitely until further notice. Testing will take place on the next day the office is open during office hours. If your bat was possessed by the league for testing, you will be contacted by the league about the status of your bat.
  6. Any bat may be tested at any time by a league representative. If the bat fails the bat test, it will be confiscated by that league representative for further testing. The bat will be held in the office, and you will be contacted by the league when results are found from further testing. USING AN ALTERED BAT COULD RESULT FROM SUSPENSION FROM ALL USSSA PLAY.   
  7. If a pitcher is hit by a ball resulting in a serious injury and he is forced to leave the game, the bat will be confiscated and it will be tested. Failure to give up the bat, will result in an automatic one year suspension.  



  1. There are no regular season games on: Memorial Day Weekend, Labor Day Weekend. Also, July 4th Weekend, if applicable.  
  2. All other holidays (i.e. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween, Religious Holidays, etc.) must be requested off at time of registration.
  1. If a team requests a BLACKOUT DATE (A.K.A. bye week) (in writing at the time of registration), that team may or may not make up those games. Playoffs are decided based upon ‘Winning Percentage’ regardless of the number of games played.
  2. Any team, who forfeits on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, without giving 72 hours notice, will be responsible to pay a double forfeit bond.  It is not fair to the teams you are supposed to play to cancel on them last minute when they could have made arrangements for the same holiday.



  1. Any team that must cancel a game for ANY reason after the schedule is announced will lose those game(s) via forfeit in the scores of 0-7, 0-7. Making up these cancelled games ARE NOT an option.
  2. However, any team that must cancel their game may do so without losing the forfeit bond if:
    1. The manager calls the League Office at (516) 870-0040 more than 72 hours prior to game time AND
    2. The manager receives confirmation from the League Office that the request was received. If you don’t receive confirmation from the League Office, then your cancellation request was not received!
  3. Any team that cancels their game with the League Office less than 72 hours prior to game time will lose their forfeit bond, and must post another forfeit bond which must be received by internet or by mail (money order) or phone (Visa/MC/Disc/AmEx), within 72 hours before your next game or else your game will be cancelled automatically!
  4. The score will be 0-7, 0-7 in favor of the team not at fault and will be recorded in the standings as such.
  5. For Cancellation of Games due to weather, please see: “Inclement Weather Rule” for details.



  1. BASE ON BALLS: On any walk to a male batter (intentional or not), the next batter – a female – has her choice of walking or hitting up until the first pitch is thrown ONLY if there are two outs. If there are less than 2 outs and a man is walked, he will go to second base, but the woman must bat. Runners will move only if they are forced.
  2. BATTING ORDER: The batting order shall alternate the sexes. In the event two male players are batting in the line-up ‘back-to-back’, then an ‘out’ will be recorded between the two batters. Two female batters may bat ‘back-to-back.’
  3. DEFENSIVE ALIGNMENT: Teams may position players any way they wish as long as there are a minimum of (4) and maximum of (5) men and minimum of (4) women on the field at all times. There is no need to alternate the sexes by defensive positions. There is no maximum # of women; you may play as many women as necessary.
  4. EXTRA HITTER: Each team may bat up to 4 extra hitters but may not exceed 7 male batters in a particular batting order.
  5. COURTESY RUNNER: The last recorded out of the same gender shall be the courtesy runner. (See Courtesy Runner rule for further details).
  6. OUTFIELD POSITIONING:  All outfielders must remain a minimum of 10 feet beyond the infield (umpire’s discretion) when a female is at bat.
  7. HR LIMIT: See Rule 24



  1. Regular Season: The winner of the coin toss decides to be home team 1st or 2nd game of the doubleheader.
  2. Playoffs: For best 2/3 format: the team who finishes higher in the (regular season) standings will be awarded home field advantage game 1 and game 3.



  1. Only (1) member of the team shall call the League Office to discuss team/league matters. The league will not discuss any matters with an individual who is not the Manager or Assistant Manager.
  2. All teams should have at least one representative whom we can easily reach, regularly check email and utilize the League Website.


  1. A game is considered complete after the losing team has batted 4 or more times.
  2. In the event a game is not completed, teams will not receive a credit or refund for those games.
  3. Games must complete 7 innings of play (or 12 run mercy rule) during league playoffs.
  4. If a game in progress gets called due to darkness, then the score will revert back to the last completed inning. If the game is not considered complete, it will continue where it left off, if time in the season permits.



      (1)Courtesy runners may be used for two(2) batters each inning. Runners may be any roster member of the offensive team        

           whether they are listed in the current batting order or not.

  1. If the same batter reaches base twice in an inning, you may run for that batter again.
  2. If a courtesy runner is on base when his or her turn at bat comes up, he or she is out. He or she is removed from the base and takes his or her proper turn at bat. If the 3rd out of an inning, he or she will be the first batter in the next inning.
  3. If a courtesy runner is not able to continue as a runner while on base because of an injury, he or she may be replaced on the base by either the original batter or by legal substitute in the runner’s spot in the batting order. In either case, the injured player will be ineligible for the remainder of the game.
  4. The courtesy runner CANNOT be removed from the bases before his or her time comes up in the batting order to avoid being called out for being on base when his or her turn comes up.
  5. A courtesy runner may only be granted if requested before a pitch is thrown to the next batter.
  6. Players or Umpire CANNOT agree to allow more than two(2) courtesy runners an inning.

        (2) In a COED game, if a courtesy runner is requested, any player of the same gender shall be the courtesy runner(Female   

               may run for male)



  1. When a defensive player clearly has the ball and is waiting for the runner and the runner deliberately with great force crashes into the defensive player, the runner is declared out.
  2. The offender shall be ejected at the discretion of the umpire for violating the above 12.1 Rule. The ball is dead and all other runners must return to the last base touched at the time of the collision.



  1. Any player thrown out of a game by an umpire/league official is not eligible to play for the next 2 games in addition to the game they are being ejected in (i.e. Player A gets thrown of out Game #1 on Sunday. He cannot play until Game #2 of the following week) and must immediately leave the park or a forfeit will result.
  2. Any player assaulting (or attempting to assault) an umpire is permanently banned from league competition, will receive a   minimum of 1 year suspension from all sanctioning body competition, and a team termination may result with forfeiture of all league fees.
  3. Any player fighting with another player or team will result in the following:
    1. 1st offense: 24 game suspension (minimum).
    2. 2nd offense: Permanent ban from the league.
  1. Any team that attempts to play regardless of park closing will be terminated from the league
  2. Any player causing a disturbance over league suspensions or ejections will be terminated from the league.
  3. Any player that is ejected 3 times in a season may be permanently banned from the league.
  4. Any player or team that is terminated will forfeit all money paid.
  5. If a player(s) is ejected from a game and the team does not have another player to replace him, an out will be recorded   

EACH TIME that player is due up in the batting order.

  1. When a team starts a game with 8 players and 1 player is ejected by an umpire, a forfeit will result.
  2. The ABA League Office reserves the right to reduce or increase a suspension on a case-by-case basis.



  1. All players are required to complete a Team Roster & Accept the Liability Release Waiver prior to participating. You and your teammates also understand by participating in any ABA League, Tournament and/or event, you and your teammates are agreeing to the ‘Amateur Athletic Waiver and Release of Liability & Model Release Form,’ which can be found at
  2. An individual is not eligible to participate unless they are both on the team roster and have accepted the liability release waiver.  In addition, these requirements must be completed prior to any individual participating in league play.
  3. Players are only eligible to play on one team in the same division.  If a player is found playing on a second team in the same division, that player will be ejected and the team will forfeit those games.
  4. Any team that allows an ineligible individual to play will result in an immediate forfeit.  
  5. Women are eligible to participate on a Men’s Team at any time.
  6. When starting a game with 8 players, you may finish with no more than 10.  When the 9th and/or 10th player arrives, he or she must be inserted at the bottom of the original lineup.
  7. Rostered players are required to have legal photo identification with them at all times.  If proof of identification is not provided upon request from an umpire or league official, that player will be immediately ejected from that game and subject to all of the above ejection/suspension procedures listed above in (RULE 13).



  1. All catchers are advised to wear a mask. ABA also highly recommends that pitchers wear a mask and any other protective gear for safety.
  2. Metal spikes are not allowed.
  3. All teams are required to bring their own equipment (including bases and home plate). Failure to do so may result in a forfeit. Some fields have bases implanted, others do not. Always be prepared by having bases handy. You can purchase bases from us, at a discount, and with ample notice we will have them to you by your next scheduled game.
  4. Remember to keep your equipment off the playing field and in the dugout area. If an overthrow hits the batting team’s equipment, the most advanced runner will be called out.  



  1. For Men’s, up to 3 Extra hitters (EH) may be used in any spot in the batting order (for a total of 13 batters).
  2. The EH must remain in the same spot in the batting order for the entire game.
  3. When using 3 EH’s, a team will bat 13 players (all fielders, pitcher, and EH’s must bat)

(4) In a COED game, up to 4 Extra hitters (EH) may be used in any spot in the batting order (for a total of 14 batters). A team may not exceed 7 male batters in the batting order at any time.

(5) When starting a game with 10 or more players, you may add additional players to the bottom of the original lineup up until the completion of the 3rd inning.



     (1) All Field Maintenance is done by the Field Owner only! The league and its participants are not authorized to touch any     field at any time. If the Umpire, League Office, or Authorized Park Personnel deem a field unplayable, please contact the League Office so that we can move your game and contact the field owner. However, Field Owners do not have Maintenance crews working on fields during the weekend.

(2) Under no circumstances may any person(s) attempt to “repair” a field! Any team or person found to have “swept, raked, shoveled, pushed, pulled, or otherwise” water off of a field will be terminated from the league and will be subject to a fine from the Field Owner. What you may deem as simply sweeping water off a field is considered field damage by the field owner! Team Managers are responsible for the actions of their players and will be fined and/or prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Furthermore, the league will take legal action if any person is responsible for the loss of a field permit. There will be no additional warnings. First time offenders will be subject to all of the above actions.



  1. Each team must post (1) forfeit bond. The forfeit bond for all leagues is $150.
  2. Providing your team does not forfeit, there is no need to post an additional bond next season.
  3. The forfeit bond is not immediately refunded after the season; the bond will carry over to subsequent seasons.  If you want the forfeit bond to be returned you must notify the League Office.



  1. All teams have a 10-minute grace period to field a minimum of 8 players for the 1st game.
  2. After 10-minute grace period, the team has an additional 10 minutes to field 8 players for game 2. After such time, if a team is still unable to field 8 players, then that team will forfeit both games.
  3. The forfeiting team is responsible for paying the entire umpire fee for both teams at the field. If the forfeiting team does not pay at the field, then the team will lose their forfeit bond. In addition, the forfeiting team must post a “new” forfeit bond. The League Office must receive this “new” bond via internet (MY ACCOUNT section) or by mail (money order) or phone (Visa/MC/Disc/AmEx), 3 days before your next game or else your next game will be automatically canceled. It is the team manager’s responsibility to confirm receipt of the “new” forfeit bond. The League Office will automatically cancel your game if payment is not received.
  4. It is highly recommended that a team who forfeits pay the umpire AT THE FIELD so that the need to post a “new” forfeit bond is eliminated.
  5. Any team that forfeits will lose 0-7 for each game forfeited.
  6. Any team that forfeits two doubleheaders may be terminated from the league, and forfeits all league fees.
  7. When a team starts a game with 8 players and an umpire ejects 1 player, a forfeit will result.
  8. A forfeit (umpire judgment) will result in the event a team intentionally stalls or slows down the game.
  9. If your team forfeits with 2 weeks or less left in the regular season (and no chance to make the playoffs), you will be automatically terminated unless you call the League Office at the time of your forfeit.
  10. Any team, who forfeits on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, without giving 72 hours notice, will be responsible to pay a double forfeit bond.



  1. Foul language will not be tolerated. If an umpire deems an individual to be offensive, the player(s) will be ejected.

An individual or team using excessive foul language (umpires judgment) will forfeit their games and may be terminated from the league with forfeit of all league fees.



Game Management rules are instituted to help ensure teams will have as much time as possible to play their games within the allotted times.

  1. Teams may only take infield practice during the first inning of each game. Infield practice will not be permitted after the first inning of each game.
  2. Pitchers will be granted only one warm-up pitch prior to the start of each inning following the first inning.
  3. Once the umpire calls “Batter-Up” the batter will have 10 seconds to step into the box, or a strike will be called.



  1. A team must start the game with a minimum of 8 players to avoid forfeit (see Forfeit Rule for details).



(1) See last page for ground rules to specific field locations

  1. Home Run Limit – All games played on fenced fields will be subject to a limit of HR’s based on the level/style of competition. (see rule 24)
  2. (Extremely Important) – Only players on the team roster are permitted in the team dugout/bench area.  Friends, family, scorekeepers and, most importantly, children, will not be allowed near the team dugout/bench area for safety reasons.  



ABA will institute Home Run limits based on levels of play. Each division will be notified, via e-mail, prior to Opening Day, what their Home Run limit is. Once each team reaches their HR limit for the game, an out will be recorded.  These changes are to prevent higher level players & teams from participating in lower leagues of play. These rules will be enforced for all fenced fields unless a specific field rule is instituted. If there is a mixed-level game (ex. C vs. D, then the homerun limit will be the average between the two. If the average does not equal a whole number, ex 2.5, then whoever is the home team for that specific game will receive their division’s Home Run limit), unless otherwise agreed upon by both managers & umpire during ground rules.


1)   Men’s High C Level – 5 HR’s per team, per game

2) Men’s Low C Level – 4 HR’s per team, per game

3) Men’s High D Level – 3 HR’s per team, per game

4) Men’s Low D Level – 3 HR’s per team, per game

5) Coed program – 3 total HR’s for Men will be allowed per team, per game. Women will be allowed unlimited HR’s


Please note that registering for a specific program does not guarantee you will be labeled at that level. The league decides, based on the amount of teams, the level of play for each division that is created at the beginning of the season.


RULE 25. INCLEMENT WEATHER: ABA Rainout Hotline: 631-951-1209.

  2. Games will be canceled due to poor field conditions. It is each player’s responsibility to call the rain-out hotline to check on game status regardless of the weather on game day.
  3. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO “REPAIR” (rake, shovel, add dirt, etc.) ANY FIELDS. IF A FIELD NEEDS TO BE REPAIRED IT IS UNPLAYABLE. Do not dig or add dirt! Tampering with fields will lead to suspension and possible termination from the league, as well as, potential fine from the field owners.
  4. Park authorities have the final say as to whether a field is playable or not.
  5. Any team that refuses to leave a field after it has been declared “unplayable” will be automatically terminated from the league with forfeiture of all league fees.
  6. Under no circumstance will any team take it upon themselves to cancel any games. Any violation of this will result in doubleheader forfeit by the guilty team.
  7. League officials reserve the right to reschedule any game to a new time/field if necessary to complete league games.
  8. If games are moved, extra time will be allotted for both teams to get to the field.
  9. Any team failing to show up after a game has moved will have a double-header forfeit levied against them.
  10. Rainouts may or may not be made up depending upon permit time. There are no guarantees to the minimum number of games played nor are there any refunds or credits for games not played. Field Permits are allocated by a block of time, not by number of games. Therefore, Field Owners require that all leagues complete activity by expiration date with no refunds or credits of any kind.



  1. Any injury must be reported to the League Office within 24 hours.
  2. Personal liability and medical insurance is NOT automatically included in the league fee. However, if you wish to purchase medical and / or liability insurance for your team, we will refer you to our Preferred Insurance Carrier.  The manager of your team has been forwarded a letter pertaining to buying team insurance.
  3. Any team that has purchased insurance, and has a claim, must fill out the claim form and mail it to the insurance company directly. In addition, please contact the League Office immediately so we are aware of the injury.
  4. In the event a player is injured and cannot continue he/she must be replaced with another rostered player. Otherwise, an OUT will be recorded each time that player comes up in the batting order. This rule is in place to prevent teams from using an injury as an excuse to get to another player in the lineup, as well as excusing a player that has to leave early by simply faking an injury.
  5. When starting a game with 8 players, and a player gets injured (and can not continue), that game will continue with either:
    1. Replacing him/her with another eligible player, or
    2. Allowing his/her turn at bat an automatic out and continuing with 7 players.
  1. An injury is the only time a team can continue with only 7 players.
  2. If an injury occurs in the first game of a doubleheader, the team must produce a legally rostered 8th player prior to the start of the second game or they will be charged with a forfeit.



  1. All team managers are required to inform players regarding the insurance options
  2. Personal injury and liability insurance is not included in the league fee. (See Rule 26.2)
  3. Do not take it upon yourself to decide whether or not your team wants the insurance. It should be a team decision.
  4. Liability and medical insurance may only be purchased for the entire team (not individual players).
  5. Liability and medical insurance may be purchased at any time and applications (with payment) can be submitted to the league office! Please allow 1 week for processing. Your team will not be covered if you submit your paperwork the week of your first game.



  1. All league fees and deposits are non-refundable under all circumstances.
  2. All league fees must be paid in full by the final registration. Any team that is not fully paid by the deadline will not be put on the schedule.
  3. Any player or team that is terminated from the league will forfeit all fees paid.



  1. Teams or players that do not comply with ABA or sanctioning body rules will be terminated from the league.
  2. Any matter regarding ABA Sports will be made by league officials and their decision is final.
  3. League officials reserve the right to revise the rules at any time.



  1. All litter must be cleaned up by the responsible team prior to exiting. Failure to do so may result in a team termination.
  2. If an area was littered when your team arrived, please notify the League Office or you will be held accountable.



  1. If a team cancels a game, they will receive 2 losses, will not be allowed to makeup these games, and may lose their forfeit bond (see Forfeit Bond Rule for clarification).
  2. Regular season games may or may not be made up based upon availability of fields, officials, permit time, etc.
  3. Teams will not receive a credit or refund for games not made up since field permits, insurance and other fees incurred are non-refundable.
  4. Rainouts may or may not be made up depending upon permit time. There are no guarantees to the minimum number of games played nor are there any refunds or credits for games not played. Field Permits are allocated by a block of time, not by number of games. Therefore, Field Owners require that all leagues complete activity by expiration date with no refunds or credits of any kind.



  1. Monday-Friday (9:30am until 5:00pm);
  2. For all inquiries, call (516) 870-0040 during business hours as listed above.
  3. However, in the event of an ‘Emergency at-the-field’ during after-hours, then call the following number:


An ‘Emergency at-the-field’ during after-hours includes: no umpire (at game time), no opponent or permit conflict at the field. Under no circumstances should you call the emergency cell phones for any other purpose than an emergency.



  1. All team members and spectators MUST abide by each school / town parking laws.
  2. Any player(s) that parks in a fire zone, no parking zone, grass, etc. will be ticketed, towed, and/or suspended from the league. It is the manager’s responsibility to inform his players of where to park.
  3. Teams scheduled to play at a NY State Park will be subject to a parking fee before 5pm on weeknights and before 6pm on weekends.  Teams that register for Jones Beach State Park programs on weekends are encouraged to purchase an Empire Passport from NY State at



  1. When provided by the League, both managers are responsible for carrying field permits during their games. If neither team printed a copy of a field permit and are subject to ejection by a Town/County/School official, both teams will forfeit and the games will not be made up!
  2. The Umpire is not responsible and will not have any field permits in his or her possession.
  3. Permits will be sent directly to Team Managers. If you have not received your permit, then it will be on file at the park office.



  1. The ball must be pitched underhanded at a slow speed.
  2. The pitched ball must arc at least three feet, after leaving the pitcher’s hand and before it passes any part of home plate.
  3. The pitched ball shall not rise higher than ten feet above the ground.
  4. Pitchers mound to home plate distance is 50 feet.
  5. Pitcher fakes are permitted in accordance with USSSA Rules and Regulations.
  6. See USSSA Rulebook for all other pitching rules.



  1. The pitch count will be as follows:
    1. A base on balls will be the result of 3 balls.
    2. A strike out will be the result of 2 strikes
    3. The Batter is out after hitting a foul ball after one strike. There is no longer a free foul after one strike.


  1. Top four teams in each division qualify for the playoffs (League Office may reserve the right to modify this in-season)
  2. Playoffs are decided based upon ‘Winning Percentage’ regardless of the number of games played.
    1. In the event of 2 team tie, head-to-head results decides winner.
    2. In the event of 2 team tie (& they split head-to-head), best plus/minus rating (Point Differential) for the season decides winner.
    3. In the event of 2 team tie (and still after a & b), then best plus/minus (Point Differential) vs. each other decides.
    4. In the event of 3 or more team tie, best plus/minus (Point Differential) for the season decides winner.
    5. In the event of 3 or more teams tie and 2 of them have identical plus/minus (Point Differential), then it will revert to head-to-head between those teams
    6. In the event none of the above tiebreakers settle all ties, Total Runs (Points Scored) For will determine the winner.
  3. There are a total of (2) Playoff Rounds following Summer & Fall Season play:
    1. Round 1: Divisional Playoffs- 1st place vs. 4th place; 2nd place vs. 3rd place (Best 2-out-of-3 Game Series)
    2. Round 2: Divisional Playoffs- Winners from Round 1 play each other (Best 2-out-of-3 Game Series)
  4. Summer play will include a Diamond Cup Champions Tournament – Divisional Winners Play this Tournament for the League Championship (barring excessive inclement weather throughout the season).
  5. When available, two umpires will be used for all playoff games ($35 per team, per game).
  6. All playoff rounds are Best 2-out-of-3 Game Series (mini-season will consist of (1) 9 inning game per round), however the League Office reserves the right to modify the format due to time and/or daylight constraints.



  1. Prior to Double Header, either managers, or representatives of both teams, will meet with the umpire at home plate to execute the coin toss, discuss ground rules and pay the umpire fees.
  2. During Pre-Game Conference both representatives should exchange their batting lineup for Game 1.  Prior to Game 2, managers should once again exchange the batting lineup regardless of whether or not changes exist from Game 1.
  3. Umpires will perform a preliminary bat check prior to every game to ensure all bats are legally approved for ABA play and there are no cracked, worn, dented or altered bats in use. It is ultimately the team’s responsibility to make sure all their bats are legal. Do not rely on the umpire to know if a team is using an illegal bat. Please make sure to follow Rule #4 in this Rule Book in the event an illegal bat is found to be used in play.



  1. A protest announcement must be made by the manager to the umpire at the time of incident (before the next pitch is thrown) or else the protest is invalid.
  2. All protests must be made in writing. Failure to do so will result in void of the protest.
  3. After a protest has been declared, the game continues.
  4. Do not call the League Office to explain a protest. It must be in writing only! (Email to:
  5. Any protest concerning umpires judgment is not valid.
  6. Any protest submitted to the League Office will be subject to a $25 protest fee to be paid when the protest is filed, before any consideration will be given to the protest.  There will be no exceptions to this rule. If the protest is found valid, the protest fee will be returned.



  1. Any of the starting players may withdraw and re-enter once, provided such player occupies the same batting position whenever he is in the line-up.  A substitute who is withdrawn may not re-enter.
  2. All re-entry by any starter must be reported to the Umpire at the time of re-entry.  
  3. See USSSA Rules for penalties for improper re-entry (pg. 30)



  1. The League Office must be in receipt of the Team Roster prior to date specified by League Office at time of registration The manager should keep a copy for him or herself at all times.
  2. The maximum number of players allowed on a team roster is 20.
  3. Teams MUST submit their online roster and add all players (Min 12, Max 20) who will be playing at any point during the season and during playoffs. Team managers can submit their roster online by logging into the website at Having an online roster helps communication to players with game reminders & updates from the League.
  4. If a manager cannot submit an online roster for whatever reason, he or she can submit a paper roster to the league office. All paper rosters can be found and printed from our website in the ‘Rules’ dropdown menu.
  5. Teams must submit their FINAL roster by the date specified in RULE 43.1 below.  
  6. Any team who does not submit their roster for approval prior to dates indicated (see RULE 43.1) will forfeit all subsequent games until a legal roster is submitted and approved.
  7. Once submitted, the League Office will examine and approve the roster. If the roster is approved, then it will become locked at the deadline and no changes will be made to it.  The team manager will be required to possess this approved roster for every week to follow.
  8. If an approved roster is not provided upon request from an umpire or league official, the team will immediately forfeit. If it is the second game of a DH, only the second game will be counted as a forfeit (0-7). Remember, with our new website, you can now view rosters online, which makes rosters also viewable from Smart Phones!  A hard copy is always good to have with you, but if you can show proof of the rostered player from our website via a Smart Phone, that is acceptable.
  9. Rostered players are required to have legal photo identification with them at all times.  If proof of identification is not provided upon request from an Umpire or League Official, that player will be immediately ejected from that game and subject to all of the above ejection/suspension procedures listed in (RULE 13).  If the player can produce a valid ID prior to the next scheduled game, and the valid ID proves that player is a rostered team member, that player will be allowed to play the subsequent game.
  10. Any team using illegal players during the regular season will result in the following:
    1. 1st offense: Forfeit the game in question.
    2. 2nd offense: Forfeit the remainder of season/playoffs with forfeiture of all fees and awards.

     (11) Any team using illegal players during the playoffs will result in the following:

    1. Forfeiture of playoffs, fees, and awards earned.

(12) Any roster found to be falsified will result in that team being terminated from the league with forfeiture of all fees and   awards.


     (1) In the event you believe your opponent is utilizing illegal players, please see the following procedure:

    1. Identify the player(s) in question to the Umpire directly.
    2. The Umpire shall ask those players for legal photo identification (i.e. driver’s license, etc.) to prove who they are and will also ask the manager to produce his approved roster.
    3. In the event the player in question cannot produce proper identification, the player will immediately be ejected and the game will continue from that point, the game will not be considered a forfeit by the offending team.
    4. In the event the manager cannot produce his/her approved roster via hard copy or by Smart Phone, he/she will be ejected and his team will automatically forfeit (0-7).
    5. If the player(s) are found to be ineligible, then that team will lose by forfeit (0-7).  If it is the second game of a DH and the player participated in both games, only the second game will be counted as a forfeit (0-7).
  1. Please keep in mind that most teams have (20) players on a roster knowing full well that many of those players will be available as needed (i.e. playoffs).
  2. Players are not required to play a minimum number of games to be eligible for playoffs.
  3. Roster challenges can only be made after the roster deadline submission dates listed in (RULE 43.1) for each season.
  4. A roster challenge protest MUST be made prior to the completion of the 5th inning of a game, and while the player in question is playing.  No roster challenge will be accepted once the game has finished or if the player in question is not playing.



  1. Roster changes are allowed until: Spring Training (No Deadline), Summer League (June 1st), Mini Season (July 15th), Fall League (October 1st).  Rosters are frozen after these dates and no changes will be allowed.
  2. Each season (Spring, Summer, Mini and Fall) is independent from one another. Therefore, you may completely change your roster from one season to another. Contact us if you’d like to transfer players from one season’s roster to another.



(1) Each manager is responsible for knowledge of league rules and having the rulebook present at all games.

(2) In case of rules interpretation questions, be sure to have this and the USSSA rule book with you at all games!



  1. A 12-run rule will be observed after the losing team has been up to bat 4 times. If the visiting team goes ahead by 12 or more runs during an inning, the home team will STILL GET TO BAT in the bottom half of that inning!  If the home team goes ahead by 12 runs in an inning, the game is over (once the 12th run scores!).
  2. For a 9-inning game, the losing team will have to have batted 6 times, with all the above parameters remaining the same.



(1)  In the event your team is on the schedule as a “TBD” (to be determined) and no opponent becomes available, and we cannot complete your regular season schedule, your team will be granted two wins for those games: 7-0, 7-0.



(1)  All schedules that are distributed at the start of the season are final.

  1. Any team that has a special request (ex: blackout date, time request, etc.) must make their request in writing within the online registration process only.
  2. Only changes due to field permit modifications will initiate a schedule change.
  3. Once the season has begun, please do not call the League Office to request a schedule change. It will not be considered.



  1. BOTH teams are responsible for submitting their scores within four hours of completion. Once one team has entered the scores, the other team has the ability to ‘Dispute’ that score using the link provided on the website.
  2. Scores not reported in a reasonable amount of time following the game will result in loss by forfeit for either or both teams.
  3. Confirm your final scores with the other manager and umpire upon completion of your games at the field.
  4. The League Office will not be responsible for inaccurate standings if your team does not report their scores every week.
  5. For more accurate (and immediately updated) scores, please submit online at
  6. To Post Scores: Captains: Log in with your username and password on our website and click your team name under ‘My Registered Activities.’ Once on your schedule, please place your cursor over the game you’re scoring and a link that says ‘Record Score’ will appear underneath the date & time of that specific game. Captains can also “Dispute the Reported Score,” to which the League will have the final say.



  1. When available the League Office may furnish each team with a scorebook for the Spring, Summer, Mini & Fall League.
  2. Scorebooks must be kept up to date and available for inspection to league officials or Umpires upon request.



(1)  The League Office will supply each team with ABA-Approved 12” Dudley Softballs.

  1. Both teams, prior to the double-header, will present the umpire with one new ball and one good backup per game. The home team will be responsible for retrieving lost balls and providing replacements during the course of the game.
  2. Only softballs approved by the League Office are eligible for use.
  3. Any team that runs out of the allotted softballs will have to purchase balls at their own expense. You can purchase more balls by visiting, calling us (516) 870-0040 or e-mailing



     (1) In the event a game is suspended (i.e. inclement weather, darkness) during the middle of an inning and the game is tied,

    the score will revert back to the last full-completed inning. If the score at that point is tied than, the game may be resumed          from the point of the last pitch, time permitting.

(2) May only be made up if sufficient time and field space is available.

(3) *NEW: Extra Inning Rule: If you are playing a double header and the first game is tied at the end of 7 innings, or at the end of the time limit, ONE extra inning will be played. If a winner is not decided after the end of that extra inning, then the game will be recorded as a tie game. Your second game may be cut short due to the extra inning in the first game. This rule change was created in hopes of eliminating some of the tie games we have during regular season.



  1. There will be a 75 minute time-limit for the first game of a doubleheader. To avoid running behind on time, the second game will begin immediately following the final out of the first game. If the home team for the second game is already in the field following the final out of game 1, they will be asked to stay out there to start up the second game right away. If they need a minute to rearrange their fielders, that will be permitted. We ask both managers have their lineups ready to go for both games, prior to the start of game 1.  Both managers should provide a new ball and a backup ball, along with umpire fees, prior to the first pitch of game 1.
  2. No inning may start 10 minutes prior to the next time session. However, for the second game of the double-header, if there is no game scheduled for the next session, and ABA has the permit, then there will be no time limit.
  3. Time limits are setup due to field permit time allowed as set by the County, Town, or School Districts.
  4. See (Rule 21) for Game Management and speed up procedures.
  5. There are no time limits for playoff games.  All playoff games must be played to completion (see Rule 10A).



  1. League Rules are typically used for Tournaments; however, we will issue specific Tournament Rules approximately one week prior to the date of the Tournament.
  2. Visit for information regarding all of our upcoming tournaments.



  1. It is recommended that all players wear jerseys, but not required.



  1. Each team will pay the umpire prior to the start of the first game.
  2. Umpires will receive full game fee if a game is canceled after it has started (i.e. rain, lighting, etc.). This means, if the game gets called due to rain during play of the first game of a double-header, the second game fees MUST be returned to the captains. The fees for the first game do not get refunded.
  3. Umpire fees are as follows:
    1. Regular Season Double headers: $25 per team, per game for a one man crew and $37.50 per team, per game for a two man crew. All Saturday & Sunday Regular Season Games use one Umpire and all 6, 6:15 & 6:30pm weeknight games use one Umpire.  Only lit field weeknight games (7pm & later) use two Umpires.
    2. Single 9-Inning Playoffs: $32 per team for a one man crew and $48 per team for a two man crew.
    3. Best 2-of-3 series: $25 per team, per game for a one man crew, $37.50 per team, per game for a two man crew.
  4. Umpires are instructed to arrive on time for your game. In the unlikely event the umpire is late; please call the emergency phone number. (Rule 32, 3).  PLEASE DO NOT CALL BEFORE GAME TIME LOOKING FOR YOUR UMPIRE!


Rule 56.  *NEW* OPTIONAL “TOUCH-BACK” RULE This is an optional safety rule- While a runner is on 1st base or 3rd base they have the option to stand directly in line with the bag (to the right of the safety bag for 1st base or to the left of third base) when a batter is hitting. If you choose to do this, you must touch the bag (touch back) before proceeding to the next base). This means that if a line drive is hit directly to the third basemen, and you are unable to touch the bag before they do, you will be OUT.. You MUST touch the base you are currently possessing before proceeding to the next base.

2018 GROUND RULES (UP-TO-DATE as of 01/01/2017)


Bethpage State Park #1- Any ball hit in the woods on the fly from the right field line to second base will be awarded a single. Any ball hit into the woods on the ground, will be a ground rule double. Any ball that is hit on a fly into the woods, left of second base will be awarded a Home Run.

Bethpage State Park #2- Any ball hit into any of the outfield woods on the fly will be awarded a Home Run. Any ball hit into the woods on the ground, will be a ground rule double.

Eisenhower Park (Field #6) – Any ball hit to trees/building in right field is in play.

Freeport HS- Any ball hit over the fence to the right of the yellow parking sign on the north side of Sunrise Highway will result in an out.

Newbridge #`1-Any ball hit into the parking lot is a ground rule triple.

Randall Park (Fields 2 & 4) – Any ball that rolls through the outfield fence will be a ground rule triple.

Stokes Field #3 – Ball hit onto school roof is a double.

Wantagh Park Field #3 – Ground rule into the bushes in left field is both captains’ decision. Umpire will have the final say.


**Any game played on a field that does not have a ground rule restriction, will be subject to a Home Run Limit per team, per game, based on level of play. All OVER-THE-FENCE and Ground-Rule Home Runs (ex: A Home Run in the bushes on a fly) will be subject to that team’s respective Home Run Limit  (SEE RULE #24)**