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For 2017 ABA Men’s & Coed Slow-Pitch Softball Rules & Regulations, click here.
For 2017 ABA Men’s Basketball Rules & Regulations, click here.
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We have softball fields located throughout Nassau & Suffolk County. You will choose your preference to play among the following (4) regions: Western Suffolk (Town of Huntington/Smithtown/Babylon); Central/Eastern Suffolk (Town of Islip/Town of Brookhaven); Western Nassau (West of Meadow Brook Pkwy), and Eastern Nassau (East of Meadow Brook Pkwy). For Basketball & Dodgeball, we use both major JCC’s on Long Island. The Mid Island Y in Plainview and the Suffolk JCC in Commack.

Click here to view directions to each field

ABA offers Adult Slow-Pitch (Standard play) Leagues for Men’s teams, Coed Teams, Clincher Teams, Women’s Teams & 35 and Over Teams. If you are interested in Modified, “Fast-Pitch” Softball, please visit our sister league at AllianceSoftball.com. We also offer Adult Basketball Leagues and Adult Dodgeball Leagues.
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For Slow-Pitch Softball, you need a minimum of twelve (12) players to form a team and up to twenty (20) maximum. Take advantage of the 20-player roster, as you never know when you’ll need reserves to fill-in. For Basketball & Dodgeball, you need a minimum of 8 players on your roster.
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There are three (3) different levels of play for Slow-Pitch. “A/B” (highly competitive teams – 6 HR Limit) , “C” (standard level of play – 4 HR Limit), and “D” (beginner teams – 3/4 HR Limit). In Basketball & Dodgeball, we offer Competitive & Recreational Leagues, when available.
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The top 4 (four) Summer, Mini & Fall Season Teams make the playoffs regardless of the number of teams per division. (There are usually 6-8 teams in each division). Typically, the #1 seed plays the #4 seed and the #2 seed plays the #3 seed in a best of three Semi-Finals. The Championship is between the winners of the semi-finals in another best of three series. Exception: On occasion, Fall & Mini-Season Softball teams will play one (1) 9-Inning Game each round for a total of two (2) rounds. These seasons may also be best of 3, depending on how much time is used for makeups.

No. Both managers are responsible for providing bases. If you need bases, you can buy a set of bases including a safety first-base direct from our League Store.

For Men’s, you may bat a maximum of 13. (10 fielders plus 3 extra hitters).
For Women’s, you may bat a maximum of 14. (Alternating Male & Female).
Minimum # of players needed to start a game is 8.

We are a sanctioned USSSA program (U.S. Specialty Sports Association). We do have a relationship with the ASA (Amateur Softball Association) as well, and have a few programs that adhere to their rules.

8 (Eight) in Slow-Pitch Softball, 5 (Five) in Men’s Basketball & 6 (Six) in Coed Dodgeball.


Authorized bat manufacturers shall mark their products with the USSSA thumbprint stamp. When a bat does not meet the specifications as defined, has flat spots or pronounced dents, or if in the Umpires judgment, the bat has been altered, the Umpire shall prohibit the use of the doubtful bat. The performance standard for all bats will be a Bat Performance Factor (BPF) of 1.20 or less. If you have any questions regarding the legality of a bat, please visit USSSA’s Legal Bats Webpage.

ABA will adhere to the approved bat standards set by USSSA, unless otherwise specified, prior to the season. All teams will be given a listing of any bats that are disqualified by ABA, and any bats that are permitted by USSSA.

You must have a minimum of four (4) women & four (4) men on the field at (any position) at a time. The batting lineup must alternate between sexes. See the ABA RuleBook under ‘The League’ heading for more specific coed rules.

Each team pays the umpire $25 per game at the field ($50 per double/header). Weeknight Under-the-Light leagues will have two umpires for each game and the cost will be $37.50 per game ($75 per double/header).

No, not in Softball. However, since nearly all teams wear some sort of team jersey it is highly recommended that your team wear them as well. For Basketball, jerseys with #’s on the back are required so the Scorekeeper can keep proper stats. You can purchase customized jerseys from the League Office. Contact us for great prices plus FREE SHIPPING!


You can register directly on our website or by phone by calling the League Office 516-870-0040. Please register your team early to lock in your team’s preferred time slot! After you register, you will receive a confirmation email. A package containing your softballs, rulebook, field directions and all other pertinent information will be shipped to you one (1) week prior to Opening Day. Your schedule will also be released around this time.

Yes. All we need is for you to let us know the week you need off at time of registration (make a note in the “Special Requests” section of the online registration). However, if you want a week off, there are no guarantees that the games will be made up. A makeup game will be scheduled if an opponent/location/field is available. You will not be penalized for any ‘bye week’ requested since teams qualify for the playoffs based upon ‘winning percentage’ regardless of the number of games played.

Absolutely! Visit our renowned “Free Agent Player Profile” which will allow you to safely and securely contact free agents from our database of individuals to fill the void in your line-up.

Yes. If your team joins the “C” league, you will only play “C” level teams throughout the season (whenever possible) and playoffs.  Our number one goal is for your team to have fun, so we work tirelessly to ensure the most even competition possible within the timeslot you registered for.

There are no regular season games on Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day weekend. However, unless you ask for a BYE Week, you will be scheduled to play on Mother’s Day & Father’s Day.

Each Softball team is required to post a forfeit bond upon first joining ABA ($150). The bond for Basketball teams is $80. Once your team posts a forfeit bond, you will not be asked to post another (unless your team forfeits). The forfeit bond will be carried over each season. However, the optional liability and/or medical insurance expires on December 31st of the calendar year you purchased the policy. Therefore, if your team accepts the insurance coverage, you’re covered for every season under all ABA/USSSA sanctioned events until December 31st of the calendar year.