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ABA Sports, founded on Long Island in December 1994 had one goal in mind: "To provide teams and players with the most well organized league and present more benefits than any other program". In just our first year, the ABA registered 53 teams in its Softball division, and word quickly spread across Long Island that there was a new league that did things ‘differently‘ and treated teams as ‘customers‘. Considered the ‘best kept secret‘ by many, but not for long.

From 1996 through 1999, the ABA launched innovative benefits, acquired many quality field locations and the league charged ahead with a super growth of 40-50% more teams each year. The ABA was a ‘secret‘ no more. All of this was taking place while the game of softball was declared a ‘dying breed‘ by other organizations.

In the Fall of 1997, the ABA launched Long Island‘s 1st website: abasports.com and longislandsoftball.com. The website was ahead of it‘s time back then as many individuals weren‘t online at this point, but the few that were raved about weekly League Standings, Team Statistics, League & Team News, Free Agency, and Registered with a click of a
From 2000 to 2002, the league more than doubled in size, was voted ‘Best Softball League on Long Island‘ for the 6th year in a row in the Team Manager Survey, and a ‘brand name‘ was truly born as the ABA Softball League quickly rose up the ranks to become the largest Adult Softball League on Long Island with over 700 teams participating annually on the best quality softball fields. Without any compromise in quality, the league is able to grow due to the ‘system‘ we have developed which ensures our teams experience the highest organization and easiest accessibility to speak to someone ‘live‘ when they need to.

In 2003, the ABA was proud to host it‘s inaugural Flag Football Season and announce the creation of i9 Sports Corporation, which allows teams throughout the United States to
compete utilizing the same successful system created by ABA on Long Island. Beginning 2004, the ABA is proud to announce national expansion utilizing the i9 Sports
name. This will allow the ABA‘s flagship program, the ability to compete against other
teams throughout the country utilizing the same set of rules. This expansion will certainly
make ABA Sports more entertaining than ever!

Along with its newly developed Flag Football league and creation of the i9 Sports Corporation, ABA is also planning to unveil its newly developed Basketball League in
the summer of 2004. With 1 st class facilities and the incredible system ABA has developed, it is our goal to deliver one of the most fun, competitive Basketball leagues Long Island has ever seen. Becoming the largest league was and is not the goal. Continuing to provide teams with the best organization, accessibility, personalized service, and field quality continues to be the goal.

As a team manager or player you have many leagues to choose from. Throughout this website we hope that you have found it quite evident that the ABA is the right league for your team. But don‘t take it from us. As a consumer we understand that it‘s important for you to investigate all of your options. If you are going to call other organizations, ask lots of questions

To discuss the various league options and specific needs of your team, please feel free to
call the League Office at: 516-870-0040 or e-mail us at: LeagueOffice@abasports.com .
Thank you for considering the ABA!