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ABA Sports League Rules and Regulations are complete and in depth for a reason: to protect our players, referees and facility owners.  Rules are listed to cover any possible circumstance regarding play in our leagues and are broad for that reason. We provide these to rules to enhance the enjoyment for our players and to ensure the integrity of our league.




  1.            Rules & Regulations


  1.            Gym & Equipment


  1. Pre-Game


  1. Game Play


  1.            Post Game


  1. Extra Points


  1. Penalties


  1. Rules & Regulations


Rule 1.1: Rule Books

  1. Each coach is responsible for knowledge of league rules and having the rulebook present at all games.
  2. In case of Rules interpretation questions, be sure to have this rule book with you at all games.


Rule 1.2: Communication with League

  1. Only (1) member of the team shall call the league office regarding team/league matters.  The league will discuss these matters with either the manager or asst. manager, as noted on the registration form.  The reason for this rule is to eliminate any confusion in communications between the league and teams.
  2. The league will also periodically add information to the website for all team members to see.


Rule 1.3: Office Hours

  1. Monday-Friday (9AM-6PM)
  2. For all inquiries during business hours as listed above, call 516-870-0040
  3. However in an emergency after hours, then call 516-647-8621.


Rule 1.4: League Rulings

  1. Teams or players that do not comply with ABA Sports rules will be terminated from the league.
  2. Any decisions on matters regarding ABA Sports will be made by league officials and their decision is final.
  3. League officials reserve the right to revise rules at any time.


Rule 1.5: League Fees

  1. All league fees and deposits are non-refundable under all circumstances.
  2. All league fees must be paid in full by the final registration.  Any team or individual that is not fully paid in full by the deadline will not be placed on the schedule.
  3. Any team or player that is terminated from the league will forfeit all fees paid.


Rule 1.6: Eligibility of Players

  1. All players must be at least 18 years of age at the time their team begins play and registered with ABA Sports.
  2. All players are required to complete the team roster form & sign the liability release waiver prior to participating.
  3. An individual is not eligible to participate unless they have signed both the team roster and the liability release waiver.
  4. Any team that allows an ineligible individual to play will result in an immediate forfeit.
  5. Women are eligible to participate on a Men’s team and must be part of the team roster.


Rule 1.7: Rosters

  1. The League Office must be in receipt of a completed Team Roster prior to the date specified by the League Office at the time of registration.  Managers are required to keep a copy of the team roster and have on hand for all games.
  2. Roster changes may be made through the first 4 games of the season.  After that time, no changes can be made.
  3. Team Roster Limits are as follows:

5 on 5: 6 min. / 12 max.

  1. Any team using an illegal player (one not on submitted roster) will result in the following:
  1. 1st offense: Forfeit the game/series in question
  2. 2nd offense: Forfeit the remainder of season/playoffs with forfeiture of all fees and awards
  1. Any team using illegal players in the playoffs will result in a forfeiture of playoffs, fees and awards earned
  2. Any roster found to be falsified will result in that team’s termination from the league with forfeiture of all fees and awards.


Rule 1.8: Insurance

  1. Personal injury and liability insurance is not included in the league fees.
  2. All team managers are required to inform players regarding the insurance options.
  3. Team Managers: Do not take it upon your self to decide whether your team wants insurance.  It should be a team decision.
  4. Liability and medical insurance may only be purchased for the entire team not individual players.
  5. Liability and medical insurance may be purchased at any time and applications (with payment) must be sent to the insurance company directly.  Do not send insurance applications to the league office. Applications sent to the league office will not be processed and are invalid.
  6. Insurance applications may be found online in the “My Accounts” section.


Rule 1.9: Roster Challenge Procedure

In the event that a team believes its opponent is utilizing illegal players, please read the following:

  1. Identify the player(s) to the head official directly
  2. The official shall ask those players for identification (i.e. driver’s license, etc.) to prove who they are.
  3. In the event the player in question cannot produce proper identification, the player will be asked to sign the Roster Challenge Sheet to be submitted to the league office for verification.
  4. Complete the game being played.  Upon completion of game, contact the league office (within 24 hours) in writing only by email at with the player’s name and signature.  Upon review, we will identify the player’s eligibility.
  5. If the player(s) is found to be ineligible then that team will forfeit the game by a score of  ——

Please keep in mind that teams will have full rosters realizing that most of these players will be available as needed (i.e. playoffs)

Players are not required to play a minimum number of games to be eligible for playoffs.


Rule 1.10: Schedule Requests

  1. All schedules that are posted at the start of the season are subject to change.
  2. Any team that has a special request (ex: blackout date, specific time request, etc.) must make their request in writing on the registration form.  Only requests on the registration form will be considered.


Rule 1.11: Cancellation of Games

  1. Any team that must cancel a game for ANY reason after the schedule is announced will lose that game(s) 40-0.  Making up the game is not an option.
  2. The score of 40-0 will be in favor of the team not at fault and will be recorded in the standings.
  3. Repeated cancellations may result in a team being suspended or expelled from the league.
  4. To cancel a game, the team manager must notify the league office at 516-870-0040 at least 24 hours before game time.


Rule 1.12: Forfeits

  1. All teams have a 10 minute grace period to field the minimum number of players.
  2. The minimum # of players are as follows: 5 on 5 games need 4 players to start the game and avoid a forfeit.  
  3. When a team starts a game with the minimum number of players and a player is ejected, a forfeit is the result.  
  4. If a team forfeits a game, the opposing team will receive a victory with a score of 40-0.


Rule 1.13: Forfeit Bonds

  1. Each team must post a forfeit bond. The forfeit bond is $80.00
  2. Providing your team does not forfeit, there is no need to post an additional bond next year.


Rule 1.14: Make-up Games

  1. If a team cancels a game, they will receive a 40-0 loss and will not be allowed to make up these games.
  2. Regular season games may or may not be made up based upon court availability, officials, permit time etc.
  3. Teams will not receive a credit or refund for games not made up since court permits, insurance and other fees incurred are non-refundable.


Rule 1.15: Officiating Fees/Services

  1. Officials’ fees are not included in league registration fees.
  2. Teams must pay the officials $40 per game
  3. The Head official reserves the right to reverse any decision made by another official.


Rule 1.16: Protests

  1. All protests must be made in writing only.  Failure to do so will result in void of the protest.
  2. A protest announcement must be made by the coach to the head official at the time of incident (before the next play) or else the protest is invalid.
  3. After a protest is declared, the game continues.
  4. Calls to explain a protest will not be accepted.  Protests must be in writing and emailed to
  5. Any protests concerning official judgment are not valid.


Rule 1.17: Ejection & Suspension Procedures

  1. Any player thrown out of a game by an official/league official is not eligible for the next game in addition to the game they are ejected from.  The player must immediately leave the facility or a forfeit will result.
  2. Any player assaulting (or attempting to assault) an official is permanently banned from league competition, will receive a minimum 1 year suspension from all ABA Sports competition and a team termination may result with forfeiture of all league fees.
  3. Any player that verbally abuses officials and/or opposing teams/fans is subject to immediate ejection, suspension and possible permanent ban from future league play.
  4. Any player fighting with another player or team will result in the following
  1. 1st offense: 4 game suspension
  2. 2nd offense: Permanent ban from league
  1. Any team that attempts to play regardless of gym closing will be suspended for the remainder of the season.
  2. Any player causing a disturbance over league suspensions or ejections will be banned from the league.
  3. Any player that is ejected 3 times in a season may be permanently banned from the league.
  4. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players and fans and can be penalized or ejected accordingly.
  5. The ABA Sports league office reserves the right to increase or reduce a suspension on a case by case basis.


Rule 1.18: Foul Language

  1. Foul language will not be tolerated.  If an official deems an individual to be offensive, the player(s) will be ejected.  An individual or team that uses excessive foul language (official’s judgment) will forfeit their games and may be terminated from the league with forfeit of all league fees.


Rule 1.19: Smoking

  1. No smoking is permitted at any ABA Sports event location.


Rule 1.20: Alcoholic Beverages

  1. Alcoholic beverages or glass of any kind is not permitted
  2. Any alcoholic beverage found will result in automatic expulsion from the league


Rule 1.21: Parking

  1. All team members are required to park in designated areas only.  This includes not parking in fire zones, no-parking zones and grass areas.


  1. Gym & Equipment


2.1: Gym

  1. ABA Sports will provide gym locations that are run by educational institutions or parks and recreation departments.
  2. Locations will be properly maintained by venue owner to help to ensure the safety of all players.


2.2: Court

  1. The playing court shall be a rectangular surface with dimensions no greater than 94 feet in length by 50 feet in width (standard NBA/NCAA court).
  2. The majority of courts will meet the standard high school size of 84 feet by 50 feet.
  3. All courts will have an outlined three point arc.  The standard high school line is 19’9”.


2.3: Ball

  1. The color of all balls used in ABA Sports leagues are to be of orange or natural color.
  2. The size of the ball:
    1. For men’s leagues:  The ball must be the official size of between 29.5”-30”.
  1. ABA Sports will provide game balls at all game locations.  Outside balls are allowed as long as they must meet the minimum standards as described above and both teams agree to its use.  In the event that teams cannot agree on the use of an outside ball, the ABA Sports provided ball will be used. The game official will make the final decision.


2.4: Jerseys

  1. Teams are allowed to provide their own uniforms.  Jerseys must be numbered without any duplicate numbers.
  2. In some leagues, ABA Sports may provide t-shirts or jerseys to its participants.
  3. In the event that jerseys are not provided, numbered pins will be provided at the court.  Teams will be required to wear pins if they do not have their own jerseys.


    1. Pre-Game


Rule 3.1: Attire

  1. All players must have matching, numbered jerseys or shirts.  Visit to purchase custom uniforms at discount prices.
  2. No caps may be worn during game play.  
  3. Players must wear rubber soled athletic shoes, preferably shoes designed for basketball.  Players not wearing rubber soled footwear will not be allowed to play.
  4. Players wearing any medical braces must take care not to have any metal exposed so as to protect the safety of other players as well as themselves.
  5. Jewelry is not permitted to be worn.
  6. Mouthpieces are highly recommended.


Rule 3.2: Game Length

  1. Games are split into 20 minute halves.  Each half is 20 minutes long (including a 2-minute warning at the end of each half).  Before the final 2 minutes, the clock will stop only after a timeout. Within the final 2 minutes, the clock will stop on out of bounds plays, foul shots and time outs.
  2. Games are subject to a 1 hour time limit.  The time limit is to guarantee each team the same amount of playing time.
  3. Games that start late will end in time for the next game to start on time regardless of whether the game has been completed or not.
  4. Overtime will be 3 minutes in duration.


Rule 3.3: Half Time

  1. Halftime will be 5 minutes in duration.


    1. Game Play


4.1: Officials

  1. ABA Sports will provide trained, certified officials for all games.
  2. Officials shall make all decisions on any infraction of the rules.
  3. Officials are required to arrive at games at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start time of the game. Officials’ jurisdiction begins at the time they arrive on the floor and ends when they leave.
  4. Any protests must be made to an official prior to the official leaving the floor.


4.2: Tip Off

  1. Games will start with a jump ball in the mid-court circle.


4.3: Game Play

  1. Game play will follow normal National Federation of High School Rules with the exceptions of rules stated herein.
  2. Officials will administer all league rules.  Teams must adhere to all official’s rulings.
  3. The team that loses the opening tip-off will have possession to start the 2nd half.  The ball will be inbounded from the end line.
  4. There will be alternating possessions.  A tied up ball situation will not result in a jump ball between the two players involved.


4.4: Free Throws

(1)   Free throws can only be attempted once the official has given the ball to the shooter.

(2)   Technical free throws can only be attempted by players who were on the court at the time of the infraction.


4.5: Technical Fouls

  1. If a player is assessed a technical foul, the opposing team will be given two free throws.  Play will resume at the point of the infraction.


4.6: Physical Contact

(1)   Physical contact is a normal part of basketball.  Excessive contact (i.e. bumping, swinging of arms/elbows etc) is not permitted and is determined by the official.  If the official rules that a player is guilty of excessive contact he will be warned and/or assessed a foul. At the official’s discretion a player can be penalized a foul, technical foul/or and possible ejection.


4.7: Disqualification

  1. Players will be allotted five personal fouls per contest.  Upon being charged with a fifth foul a player is then disqualified from the game.
  2. If a player receives 2 technical fouls he/she will be disqualified.
  3. Fighting will result in an automatic ejection and a 5 game suspension.  A 2nd offense will result in suspension from the league.


4.8: Timeouts

  1. Teams will be permitted one 1-minute timeout per half.
  2. If a team requests a time out after they have reached their allotted 1 per half, a technical foul will be assessed.  The opposing team will receive two shots and play will resume at the point of interruption


4.9: Team Fouls

  1. When a team has accumulated 7 team fouls, the opposing team will be in a 1 and 1 situation for ensuing non-shooting fouls.
  2. When a team has accumulated 10 team fouls, the opposing team will receive 2 foul shots for all ensuing fouls.
  1. Post Game


Rule 5.1: Litter

  1. All litter must be cleaned up by the responsible party before leaving park grounds.  Failure to do so may result in a team termination.
  2. If an area was littered when your team arrived, please notify the head official and/or the league office or you will be held accountable.


Rule 5.2: Scores

(1)   Both teams are responsible for submitting scores online within (12) hours of completion of game(s).

(2)   Scores not reported will result in a loss or forfeit by one or both teams.

(3)   Please confirm final score with other coach upon completion of your game(s) at the court.

(4)   The league office will not be responsible for inaccurate standings if your team does not report its scores each week.

(5)   Please submit scores online at  If unable to submit scores online, you may submit your scores at 516-870-0040 or email


  1. Extra Points


Rule 6.1: Playoff Format

  1. Teams that qualify for the playoffs will play a single elimination tournament to reach the Championship Round.
    1. Winning percentage will determine the playoff seeding with the highest playing the lowest followed by next highest playing 2nd lowest and so on.
    2. In the event of a 2 team tie head to head results will decide the winner
    3. In the event of a 2 team tie & they split season games, best plus/minus ratio for the season decides
    4. In the event of a 2 team tie (after a,b & c), then best plus/minus ratio vs. each  other decides
    5. In the event of a 3 or more team tie, best plus/minus ratio for season decides
  2. Championship round will consist of a one game final.


Rule 6.2: Awards

  1. The following awards will be presented:
  1. Division Champion T-shirts for the Division Champs
  2. MVP Award (prize to be determined)
  1. Division Champion will be determined upon winning the divisional playoffs.  Winners will receive Division Champion T-Shirts and a large Team Trophy.
  2. Each team will be responsible for selecting one MVP from their team and submitting the League MVP ballot by the date designated by the league office.  The league office will select one winner from the league.
  3. The league will select the League MVP


Rule 6.3: Tournaments

League play takes precedent over all tournaments.

Visit for information regarding upcoming tournaments and events.


Roster Challenge Sheet


In the event you believe your opponent is utilizing illegal players, please see the following procedure:

  1. Identify the players in question to the Official directly
  2. The Official shall ask those players for identification (i.e. driver’s license, etc) to prove who they are.
  3. In the event the player in question cannot produce proper identification, the player must complete and sign the Roster Challenge Sheet, to be submitted to the league office for verification.
  4. Continue the game to its conclusion.  Upon completion of your games, contact the league office (within 24 hours) in writing only (mail, fax, or email) with the player(s) names and/or signature.  Upon review, we will identify the eligibility of the player(s).
  5. If the player is found to be ineligible then that team will lose by forfeit 7-0.


Please keep in mind that most teams have full rosters knowing that many of those players will be available as needed (i.e. playoffs).